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For The Love Of Ice Fishing

Depending how much a person gets into ice fishing will determine how expensive this sport will be. Catching fish through the ice can be achieved with the simplest of gear, such as a line tied to a stick with a hook and a sinker. Other anglers may decide that they need all the bells and whistles that are associated with ice fishing. There are also many other pieces of equipment available for this very popular sport.

Some Basic Ice Fishing Gear

A short, sensitive fishing rod, 1½ to 3 feet long, is a good choice for the beginning ice fishing enthusiast. The longer rods work well in deeper water on open ice. The shorter models are good for shallow water and inside shanties or tents.

There are several different reels that can be used on these rods. These include single action reels, and small spinning or spin cast reels. Another option is to use a tip-up which shows a flag when a fish is caught.

Anglers have their own preference of ice fishing line. Sizes used range from ½ pound test up to 8 pound test. Some fishermen will use a heavy braided line and tie a light pound test monofilament leader to it. This helps keep the visibility of the line low and adds some added strength for bigger fish when caught.

Other gear that will be needed is an assortment of hooks and lures. The size used will depend on the targeted species. Floats and spring bobbers are also recommended depending on conditions. A minnow bucket with a scoop and an ice scoop to keep
the holes clear will also be needed. Finally, a thermos with a hot beverage and/or something to eat will help to keep the body warm on a cold winter day of ice fishing.

Ice Fishing Equipment For The More Serious Angler

Obviously, getting to the fish will require cutting some kind of hole through the ice. The budget of the fisherman will determine how simple or fancy the equipment to do this chore is.

Options to get through ice include chisels, hand augers, and gas or electric augers. The augers make cutting the hole much easier when the ice gets to be a foot or more thick. The chisels work well on thinner ice and clearing out previously cut holes.

Using shelters like ice fishing tents and ice fishing shanties will protect the angler from the cold and wind and can even be equipped with a portable heater. These shelters will also help visibility into the water. These shelters can be permanent or portable. Permanent shelters can have all the comforts of home, while portable shelters may have sled runners and are easily transported.

Many fishermen will go ice fishing without any shelter. This allows them to move around to other fishing holes they may have drilled. It is important to wear the proper clothing when fishing like this to keep warm and protected.

Vexilar FL-20 Pro Pack II with Ice-Ducer Fish Finder

The FL-20 features a large viewing window with an enhanced viewing angle.Vexilar FL-20 Pro Pack II with Ice-Ducer Fish Finder

Super-bright LED lights for easy viewing in sunlight and a night mode to tone down the intensity.

Has two auto zoom ranges to help focus in on the bottom 6 or 12 feet of the water column.

Features the Pro Pack II case with a 12 degree Ice-Ducer.

This fish finder has a 12 volt, 9 amp battery and comes with a charger.

St. Croix Premier Ice Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

A St. Croix PS250 Ice Reel is matched with a St. Croix Premier Ice Fishing Rod to make this excellent rod and reel combo.St. Croix Premier Ice Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

A solid carbon blank, cork handle and stainless steel guides are featured on the Premier Ice Rods. A black matte finish is accented by blue trim on the guide wraps.

ThePS250 Ice Fishing Reel has an aluminum body and spool, three ball bearings, infinite anti-reverse, and can be used either right handed or left handed.

Berkley Trilene Micro Ice Fishing Line

This small and strong monofilament fishing line is perfect for catching finicky fish in clear water. The low stretch increases sensitivity and gives better control for hook setting. This line resists coiling and kinking and is soft and pliable.The ice fishingsmall diameter is ideal for fishing small baits, but is still strong enough to pull a trophy through the ice.

Micro Ice Fishing Line is available in 1 pound to 10 pound test on 110 yard spools.
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