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Hooked On Fly Fishing

Some people become “hooked” on fly fishing and spend hundreds of dollars in their new found love. They buy the top of the line rods and reels and get all of the optional gear available. Others just get the bare necessities and enjoy their free time on the water. If you are one of these new fly fishing enthusiasts, then you will need some basic gear to get you started.

Basic Gear For Fly Fishing

The first piece of gear needed for fly fishing is the fly rod. These rods are made from lightweight material and are very strong. Fly rods come in various sizes to catch different fish. Fly rods are made and sold by length, action, line weight, and intended use. Rod lengths vary from 7 to 10 feet long. The most popular sizes are in the 8 1/2 to 9 foot range.

Shorter rods are generally used in tighter spaces where brush and branches can get in the way. Longer rods work well for making long and accurate casts in unobstructed areas.

The action of a fly rod refers to the “bend” in the tip of the rod. A rod with a fast action tip, if cast correctly, will help to combat fatigue. This is because the rod will use more of the tip when casting and do most of the work. A slow action rod uses even more of the tip and is good for casting flies very delicately.
A good starting choice would be a 9 foot 5 weight fly rod.

The next piece of fly fishing gear that is needed is the reel. Fly fishing reels were first designed to store fly line and to supply drag when landing a fish. The newer reels are made from lightweight materials and provide added smoothness and convenience. There are many rod and reel combos that can purchased which will help to catch your targeted species of fish.

The next piece of gear needed is the fly or flies you intend to use. It is wise to carry an assortment of different sizes and styles of flies for fly fishing. Some flies to consider include; Dry Flies, which are fished on the surface; Wet Flies, which resemble insects in their underwater nymph stage; and Streamers, which look like baitfish or crustaceans when swimming under water.

To properly cast your chosen fly, you will need to use the proper fly fishing line. Fly lines range in weight from 000 to 15 and come in a floating or sinking style. The line should be matched to the weight of the rod being used.

Fly line comes in 2 basic tapers, or shapes, weight-forward and double taper. Double taper lines have a heavier mid-section (belly) and work well for delicate presentations. Weight-forward lines have a heavier first section and taper to a thinner diameter. This line is good for long casts.

To keep fish from seeing the fly line, a leader will be needed. Leaders come in various lengths and are tied to the end of the fly line and taper down to where the fly is tied on. The length of the leader will depend on conditions and species of fish.

Additional Gear For Fly Fishing

Other gear to consider for your fly fishing arsenal includes; waders, if you plan to be in the water; wading shoes, which are designed to help walk on river bottoms; polarized sunglasses, to help see the fish; vests, which will have pockets to stow gear and may be a PFD as well; and hats and clothing that will help to protect you from the elements.

Certain times of the year can be really bad for biting insects such as mosqitos and black flies. It may be wise to carry some kind of insect repellant while on or in the water.

Okuma Cascade Fly Fishing Combo

The Okuma Cascade Fly Fishing Combo is a 3 piece, 9 foot, 5 weight graphite rod with a large arbor, multi-disk drag Cascade CS-4/6 arbor reel. The reel is pre-spooled with weight forward 5F floating line, a 5x leader, and 20 pound Dacron backing line.Okuma S-903-5 Cascade Fly Combo

This rod loads line quickly and is perfect for the veteran or novice fly angler.

Other features of the Okuma Cascade combo;

Cork grips

1-way bearing disk drag system

Plastic tube for transport and storage

Cloth rod sack

Cortland 444 Classic Fly Line

The Cortland 444 Classic Fly Line has a smooth as glass surface and superior buoyancy. Delicate presentations with soft turn-over is possible thanks to the precision taper. This fly line is excellent for any fishing conditions.Cortland 444 Classic Floating Fly Line

This floating line is available in weight forward and double taper, and is peach in color.

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