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Basics Of Fish Finders

Fish finders could be the missing element that helps you to catch more fish. Here is some basic information on how to use  fish finders.

Fish finders can be either permanently mounted to a boat or can be portable units. If the permanent unit is used, it can be mounted professionally or by someone who is handy and can follow instructions. Portable fish finders can be used on a boat or through the ice. These units come in different models and styles and use different size batteries.

Fish finders work by sending an electrical signal to the transducer. This signal is generated by an amplifier. The energized crystal then reverberates at a particular frequency. This converts the electrical signal into mechanical acoustic, or sound energy. This acoustic energy causes the water molecules that the sound is traveling through to oscillate. The sound pulses in a defined beam. These beams are in a wave pattern instead of a straight line. The acoustic pulse travels through fresh water at approximately 4920 feet per second and 4800 feet per second in saltwater.

When the beam strikes an object, such as a the sea bottom, a fish or other structure, this causes some of the energy to be reflected back to the transducer. This information is collected by the transducer and sent back to the unit where it is processed into displayable data. The time difference between transmission and reception is calculated and given a range of depth. This is displayed as a number or an image on the screen.

Fish Finders Will Help You Spot Bottom Differences

Soft bottoms and hard bottoms reflect different strengths of signal. Mud and weeds on a soft bottom will absorb more of the signal. A hard bottom will reflect back a stronger signal. The display screen will show these subtle differences. This is how fish finders “read” the bottom and hopefully, show fish in between.

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Eagle Cuda 300/350 Fish Finders

The Eagle Cuda 300 and 350 S/Map fish finders offer excellent resolution and performance at a low price.Eagle Cuda 300/350 Fish Finders

The 4 inch SuperTwist LCD display is teamed with FishTrack and Advanced Fish I.D., to help locate and identify structure and fish, and is viewable in sunlight.

Excellent results to 600 feet are possible because of high-speed 200 kHz transducers with built-in temperature sensors.

These units are waterproof and feature hands-free operation.

The 350 S/Map has GPS features, 1,000 waypoint storage, and up to 100 retraceable plot trails.

Both units have a one full year warranty.

Garmin Waterproof Fishfinder 300C with 3.5-Inch Display and Dual-Beam Transducer
The Garmin Color Fishfinder 300c features a 3.5 -inch QVGA color display and a dual beam tranducer.

This unit is perfect for the recreational fisherman who prefers freshwater lakes.      Garmin Waterproof Fishfinder 300C

The 300C features a power output of 150 watts to 1200 watts(RMS peak to peak).

Some other features of this affordable unit include, 2x and 4x automatic and manual zoom, a battery voltage indicator, and an auto gain setting which automatically adjusts the unit’s sonar sensitivity.

Vexilar Hand Held Sonar Model LPS-1

The Vexilar Hand Held Sonar Model LPS-1 fish finder is hand held and completely portable.

These fish finders are perfect for ice fishing, canoe trips, fly-in fishing trips, or float tubing.

The LPS-1 is very simple to use. Point, push the button, and let go. The reading is locked on the display. The unit will also automatically shut itself off.

Features of the Vexilar LPS-1;  Vexilar Hand Held Sonar
22 degree, 200 kHz transducer

Depth range of 1.8 feet to 200 feet

Backlit display, perfect for night use

Auto shutoff

Operates on one 9 volt battery

Weighs only 11 ounces and it floats

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