pan fishing

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Basic Pan Fishing Gear

There are several different fishing rods that can be used for pan fishing. These choices include the casting rod, the fly rod, and the still popular cane pole. Each of these fishing rods will have their advantages based on the conditions that are being rods

After choosing a pan fishing rod, the next decision is choosing which reel to use. Choices for pan fishing reels include spin cast reels, spinning reels, and bait casting reels. Fly rods should be paired with the proper fly reel.

After picking a rod and reel combination, the next consideration is choosing the fishing line that best fits the situation being fished. Fishing line that is used for pan fishing is usually in the 2-6 pound test range. The visibility and stretch ability of the line should also be considered. Fly line should be matched to the rod it is being used with.

Terminal Tackle For Pan Fishing

The next item needed for catching pan fish is the fishing hook. The size of the hook needed will be determined by the species of pan fish that is being targeted. Other things to consider when choosing the hook are the length of the shank and the thickness  terminal fishing tackleof the shank. No matter what size or thickness of the hook, it is very important to make sure the hook has a very sharp point.

To get the bait to the desired depth, sinkers and bobbers will be needed. Sinkers and bobbers come in fixed and slip styles. The styles and sizes will be determined by the size of the hook, line, bait and conditions that are being fished.

Other pieces of tackle that can be used while pan fishing are swivels and snaps. Swivels will help to keep your line from twisting and snaps are useful if you plan on using different lures or sinkers.

Other Equipment For Pan Fishing

There are many different types of lures that can be used to help catch pan fish. These can be as simple as a lead-head jig or one of the more sophisticated lures offered by one of the many lure manufacturers.

When fishing from a boat, using a fish finder can help to locate more fish. These finders come in many different styles, from fishing luresflashers to LCDs with paper printouts. Fish finders can be portable or permanently mounted to the boat. Fish finders can also be used when ice fishing.

Some other equipment to consider would be a tackle box to carry all your gear, a small net, just in case, and a fish stringer if you plan on keeping your catch. Needle-nose pliers, a knife and a small file to keep your hooks sharp would also be wise additions to any pan fishing arsenal.

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